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Have you booked your 2023 Clearcast training?

We’re back!

If it’s clearance essentials or industry updates you’re after, we’ve got you covered! This year’s 2023 training calendar has now launched with all courses ready to book.

Book online via the course pages, or by email to

What’s changed?

System demos

A third day covering systems & services is now included within the Agency Certificate (online). You can expect CopyCentral and The Library demos.


The Agency course will make it’s way back up to Edinburgh in March – our first time in Scotland in six years!

Distinction award

Got what it takes? A short, optional knowledge test will now follow Agency training, giving you the chance to not only achieve the Agency Certificate, but a Distinction Award (something for your LinkedIn!)

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If you need to know how to get ads to air, from an agency POV.

Next dates: webinar 25, 26, 27 January, London 22 February & Edinburgh 15 March. More.

£399 +VAT per person.

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For advertisers who want to get their strongest claims to air.

Next dates: webinar 17, 18 May. More.

£399 +VAT per person.

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If you want to know how to work with us, as a broadcaster.

Dates: webinar 29, 30 March & London 18 October.

£299 +VAT per person.

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If you work in tricky sectors (think alcohol, cars, gambling, food etc).

Dates: webinar 19, 20 Apr & London 8 Nov.

£399 +VAT per person.

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Exploration into the main areas which can slow approvals, like claims & subs or offence & restrictions.

Dates: webinars 7, 8 Jun.

£249 (or £399 if booked together as a combo) +VAT per person.


If tailor-made sessions just for your team would be better suited, then let’s have a chat to see what we can do.

“Unconventional in a good way”

Patrick, Hogarth Worldwide, November 22

Book online via the course pages, or by email to

11th January 2023