Clearance Process

Our clearance process is made up of three stages that run alongside the production of an ad.

Approval at each stage happens in one of our two systems, CopyCentral and The Library.

1 Pre-production in CopyCentral
2 Post-production in CopyCentral
3 Final clocked ad in The Library
1. Pre-production in CopyCentral

Upload your script and evidence for any claims to CopyCentral

This focuses on your ad at the script stage. You (as the advertiser, or the advertising agency), submit the script, including necessary storyboards and substantiation for any claims, to our online system, CopyCentral. 

This is then read by your assigned Clearcast contact who does a ‘first read’ You should receive feedback highlighting any changes needed, or approval, within three working days. Any claims of an advanced scientific or technical nature may, along with their substantiation, need to be sent to a consultant resulting in longer response times. If the script is approved you can go through to the second stage of the process, following further advice from your Clearcast contact about possible timing restrictions etc. that might need to be applied to your ad. 

2. Post-production in CopyCentral

Upload a rough-cut version of your ad to CopyCentral (not mandatory, but helpful)

This stage is when we consider a rough cut alongside a script. Submission of rough-cut versions isn’t compulsory but can save time and money for you down the line. At this point we’ll check your ad’s ‘supers’ (the super-imposed legal text) are the right height, are being held on screen for long enough and are legible. 

If we approved a pre-production script, tell us the relevant submission number, as this will speed up the clearance process. The ad is then watched in our daily viewing meeting to check we’re satisfied with the ad’s overall compliance with the codes. 

3. Final clocked ad in The Library

Upload your final clocked ad for clearance and QC checks to The Library

This is the final stage and where you should receive final clearance on your ad. Once your rough cut has been approved in CopyCentral you can upload your final clocked ad and its metadata to The Library system. Once logged into The Library you’ll need to create a ‘new campaign’ and then add your ’materials’ (your final ad file), enter all your ads’ related data and then upload the clocked ad selecting ‘yes’ for clearance. 

The system will then perform full technical QC including video levels and gamut, silence frames analyses and sound levels. The platform will also analyse your content for PSE, to make sure it is unlikely to cause problems for anyone with photo-sensitive epilepsy. 

If your ad passes the final checks your copy exec will be notified and can then give final approval on your ad, which you’ll be able to see in both The Library and CopyCentral. The broadcasters will also be able to see all approved ads in the system. 

If your ad fails the checks, a report will be generated in your Library account to show you where and why it failed. 

You can simply amend and re-upload your ad. 

Your ad is now ready for onward delivery through your preferred supplier. 

Visit our helpdesk for a detailed breakdown of all three stages.