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We provide an optional ad delivery service.

Deliver from anywhere, fast!

  • 6 minute upload and QC
  • 6 minute delivery once QC is passed
  • Deliver on-the-go from your mobile
  • Deliver while waiting for copy approval

Using new technologies, fresh UIs, simple workflows and pioneering commercial models, we bring a refreshing perspective and an innovative choice to a marketplace that is transforming in front of our eyes.

Delivery with us, or your chosen provider if integrated into the platform, will be triggered once your ad passes the automatic QC checks in The Library.

We are now also pleased to announce that we can deliver your long-form ads, as well as short-form ones, with the same match-for-match great service.

Some of our happy customers:

“The Delivery service was amazing and The Library is super user friendly, which really helps streamline the process and saves tons of time. Thanks very much to the whole team.” – Becca Bull, Producer at The Production Factory, April 2023.

“There’s so much to be gained from using Clearcast Delivery. It’s economical, efficient and super speedy.” – Suzie Rodgers, Freelance Producer, October 2022.

Please watch our nifty little animation summarising the benefits of our Delivery service below:

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"There's so much to be gained from using Clearcast Delivery. It's economical, efficient and super speedy."
Suzie Rodgers, Freelance Producer, October 2022