Clearance FAQs & Support

You should leave at least two weeks for clearance of the script but please note clearance could take longer if the script is particularly complex or requires a considerable amount of substantiation. Clearance of the ads themselves usually takes 2-3 working days as long as the ad is in line with the approved script and there aren’t any technical issues uploading it onto our system.

Yes, they can but everyone who uses the CopyCentral system must have their own login, we don’t allow the sharing of logins. Logins are created by the allocated ‘super user’ (usually the person who registers with us), not Clearcast.

Standard clearances are free if your ad is being transmitted on a channel we clear for. For a list of channels we clear for please see this list. If your ad is going out on a channel we don’t clear for they should be approached directly for clearance.

Some ads have to be given timing or other restrictions limiting when they can be shown (or the environment in which they can be scheduled if VoD). A complete list of these can be found by searching ‘timing’ on But the most common examples are shown opposite. 

If it’s identical to the previously cleared ad then no you don’t need to submit your ad again to us. However, if you’ve made an amendment to the ad then you’ll need to go through the clearance process with us in the usual way.

We have a two-stage appeals process. In the first the instance you can ask for a Policy and Copy Meeting (PCM for short) to consider your arguments. Made up of our Copy Group Managers and the Clearance Service Director, PCM exists to ensure an advertiser’s arguments have been considered by a broad range of senior staff. If agreement still can’t be reached, scripts and/or ads can be submitted to the Clearcast Copy Committee (made up of representatives of broadcasters, with observer members from ISBA and the IPA) for a view, which will be final. You will need to alert your Clearcast contact if you would like to make a request to have your ad submitted to the Copy Committee.

A clock number is a unique alphanumeric identification number used to identify an ad and its creators/source (the advertising agency or advertiser). The number is used from the clearance process through to transmission and in post transmission reporting.

Every user must have their own unique account. Sharing your account details with anyone else or accessing the system with someone else’s login credentials are not allowed.

If it’s a script submission get in touch with your designated Copy Executive and they will be willing to help you correct any errors. If you have made an error on a video submission (rough cut or clocked ad) then our Ops team are here to assist via

A centralized library of final clocked TV and VOD ads that feeds into our clearance system, CopyCentral, for final clearance, as well as offering an alternative delivery workflow to increase speed and decrease costs of getting your ads to air.

Yes, The Library is a new system and so everyone will require a separate login.

Once your company has been registered, please click on the link which will take you to The Clearcast Library home page. Here you will be asked for your email and password. Please enter these to log in. You will need your multifactor authentication for each time you log in.

The Clearcast Library only accepts broadcast master files, specs of which can be found here.

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