Simple, powerful tools to help you create ads and get them cleared for broadcast.

  • Clearance System

    Upload your scripts and ads to our online system CopyCentral, so we can check and clear them for broadcast.

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  • Flashing

    Does your ad contain flashing images? Run it through our online flashing test to make sure it meets Ofcom requirements.

  • Supers

    Make sure the small print on your ads meets the rules — check its size and required duration easily.

  • Caria

    Access our centralised, secure system for booking and managing TV ad campaigns.

  • Attribution

    Check out our attribution service, the industry’s way of getting hold of data to report on advertising reach and impact.



Learn about the services we offer advertising agencies, advertisers and broadcasters.

uk & international clearance

A range of services to get ads of all types cleared for broadcast in the UK and internationally. We’ll work with you to check scripts, approve final ads and even provide tailored clearance services to meet your exact needs.

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  • Fast Track

    We know that speed is of the essence in the hectic world of advertising. Our Fast Track service means you can get feedback on a submission within one working day

  • Copy Development and On-Set Guidance

    Get external input and insights into your creative ideas. We’ll help you understand which will work within the BCAP Code, shaping ad concepts so they meet the rules

  • Clearcast Out-Of-Hours

    Get prearranged access to our clearance and development services outside of normal office hours (weekdays from 6 pm and weekends)

  • TV Admin & Editing

    Get a little help preparing your ad for broadcast. We can help with virtually any area, from copy clearance tasks and claims support to final ad delivery