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You’ve bought your airtime and now you need to navigate clearance, delivery and technical checks to get your ad to air.

Whether you’re an established TV advertising professional, or new to the industry, we can manage these important steps for you by taking the involved admin off your hands. This gives you more time to focus on your creative and maximise your media spend.

Our TV Admin team manages TV ad campaigns on behalf of agencies and advertisers across the UK and beyond. So if you don’t feel confident with the process, would prefer to let an expert handle things, or are short on time, we can help.

We’ll handle any of following steps for you, or the entire end-to-end process.

Ad clearance (UK)

The team will make all the relevant ad clearance steps seamless and hassle free, removing any complexity. From registering scripts, uploading videos, technical QC, liaising with the clearance team and broadcasters, TV Admin will support all aspects of your ad’s clearance, to ensure it gets to air when you want it to.

Media Instructions

All major UK publishers require ‘copy rotation instructions’, via the Clearcast managed platform ‘Caria’. This process links each specific version of your ad with your media booking. We manage this directly with broadcasters on your behalf, instructing them on how, when and where you’d like your copy to be shown on screen. We’ll include any requirements, including ratios, dayparts, VOD vs Linear, specific spots and more.


The team takes the final clocked file that has been uploaded into The Library and set up a distribution order to match your media plan.  They ensure that the material is delivered within 6 minutes via the Clearcast Delivery platform. Your content will be at the right place, at the right time, with technical and editorial checks complete.


If you select us to do your delivery, you can also choose us to subtitle your ad; making it accessible and  ensuring your message reaches millions more people. We guarantee a top quality subtitle file in just two hours (meaning no risk to deadlines!).

Clearance (International)

As members of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), we have a strong network of international contacts and can manage your copy advice or clearance, for any countries outside of the UK where you’d like your ad to air. This includes clearance in the US, via our partnership with Yangeroo.

File Edit / Clock To Clear

With the help of our Operations and Techn teams, we can troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise with your files, to ensure that deadlines are met. We’ll fix any issues with your clock slate, superimposed text, formats or anything else which may stop you from passing smoothly through QC checks.

So, get in touch with the TV Admin team. We’ll provide end to end commercial management, allowing you more time to concentrate on creativity, audiences and customers. They’d love to hear from you with any questions.

Call: 020 7339 4700


"It’s great to be able to take away that headache and submit via Clearcast’s international clearance service and rely on them to get our ads across the line."
Julie Lagden, Engine Creative
"Instrumental in supporting our projects over many years. I value their advice and quick turnaround. A very professional team that I highly recommend."
Gaelle, Revitive France
"A one stop shop… yes please! Responsive to last minute changes, supportive and cost effective."
Natalie Reid, The Production Factory
"They take the weight off, from clearance to delivery, and are super knowledgeable about the process."
Massimo Paradiso, ITV