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You’ve bought your airtime and now you need to navigate clearance, delivery and technical checks to get your ad to air.

We’re here to make these processes simple and easy for you by taking the admin off your hands. If you’re new to ad compliance, overwhelmed or short on time, just get in touch and our TV Admin team would be happy to help.

We offer end-to-end script to screen management including:

  • Uploading your script and rough cut, with metadata, to CopyCentral
  • Uploading your final ad with metadata to The Clearcast Library
  • Navigation through clearance and feedback stages
  • Support with superimposed text compliance
  • Full technical support
  • Final QC check with certification
  • Management of delivery to chosen supplier
  • Submission of copy rotations
  • Redelivery (same copy)
  • International clearance/copy advice management
"International clearance is a nightmare, so it’s great to be able to take away that headache and submit via Clearcast’s international clearance service and rely on them to get our ads across the line in these markets"
Julie Lagden, Engine Creative
"The team have been instrumental in supporting our projects over many years. I value their advice and their ability to facilitate our approval process with a quick turnaround. A very professional team that I highly recommend."
Gaelle, Revitive France