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Clearcast Delivery celebrates its 2nd birthday

This week marks the 2nd birthday of Clearcast Delivery, our optional ad delivery service.

Using new technologies, fresh UIs, simple workflows and pioneering commercial models, over the last two years, the Delivery team have provided a refreshing perspective and an innovative choice to a marketplace that has transformed in front of our eyes.

With some killer stats like over 7,000 unique clocks and 42,000 individual deliveries since launch, it felt right to celebrate in numbers with an animation. Check it out below.

Our customer base has grown by 200% in the last year and here’s what they’ve got to say about the service:

“What I love about Clearcast Delivery is that it’s self-explanatory and clear. It is very convenient to be able to quickly find and deliver the assets to the necessary stations.” – Anja, Adylic, May 2024.

“We like that delivery is within a few minutes and the price point is competitive.” – Francesca, JMS, April 2024.

With the recently launched Long Form delivery option and with new enhancements coming soon like sponsorship idents and proof of transmission, the growing team is keeping itself very busy indeed.

Get in touch with the team if you would like to know more about Clearcast Delivery as the they would love to hear from you.

7th June 2024