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World TV Day: a celebration of accessibility

Every year egta and their partners celebrate World TV Day, with an ad that highlights a particular aspect of TV. We’re especially excited to join the celebrations this year, as they’ve chosen a topic close to our heart; accessibility.

We’ve been busy working on this ourselves, as we aim to help the industry in creating their #AdsForAll. Because of this, we’ve worked closely with egta to support the development of the ad wherever possible. This has included:

  • Lot’s of hands-on help throughout,
  • Providing the BSL interpretation (created by Involve Interpreter),
  • Fast Track ad clearance, to ensure speedy feedback in time for the big day,
  • Converting files into Library-ready formats with Edit to Clear,
  • Sending the ad safely to ITV and Channel 4 with our Delivery service,
  • TV Admin help with creating copy instructions, ensuring the broadcasters know where and when it’s due to air.

The global day’s 27th year serves as a brilliant opportunity to raise awareness of accessibility needs, highlight the work that still needs to be done and celebrate those who are already making strides. As an industry, we can show our commitment to creating a landscape that gives equal access to TV for everyone (across both programming and advertising), regardless of vision or hearing ability. And this year’s ad is a shining example of what can be done when special care and attention is given.

Who are egta?
A non-profit organisation and European trade body, for marketers of advertising solutions across screen and audio platforms. They represent the interests of television and radio sales houses, with the aim to help protect, grow and diversify businesses.

Egta and their creative agency considered access needs from the ad’s conception, utilising creativity to give the best possible chance of engagement. For example, if you take a look at the ads below, you’ll see that the audio is relevant for both people who can see the visuals, as well as those who are blind or visually impaired – without the need for additional audio description. They’ve also produced two versions – one with subtitles and the other with British Sign Language (BSL) – which will be broadcast by their various members across across the world on World TV Day, on the 21st of November.

The ad will be broadcast on Channel 4 and ITVX on 21st November 2023. It was developed by egta, ACT (Association of Commercial Television), EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and the Global TV Group. Check out two versions below.

Official ad:

Official ad with BSL:

Accessibility resources

  1. Explore egta’s knowledge hub and Thinkbox’s hub – for further reading and resources.
  2. Book Ad Accessibility Training – for need-to-know info like basic terms, ‘how to’ demos and creative tips. Plus hear from experts (RNIB & RNID) and people with the lived experience.
  3. Take a look at Reframe: Guidance for Marketers on accessible advertising by ISBA & Flock Associates – for guidance and best practice advice gathered from stakeholders across the industry.
  4. Email the team at – for more info on our subtitling service.
  5. Have a read of our Accessibility articles:

21st November 2023