Clearcast Out-Of-Hours

Sometimes you need to get an ad cleared for broadcast in a hurry or you need our feedback on a script over the weekend to move onto the next stage of production. Or, maybe you’re releasing an ad in response to current affairs, advertising time-sensitive products — or simply had to make some last-minute edits.


Whatever the situation, we know that our office hours don’t always coincide with agencies’ hours, and that is why we’ve created the new ‘Clearcast Out of Hours’ service. The service simply means that agencies and advertisers can now get access to our clearance and development services at any time of the day and any day of the week.


We have always made ourselves available for live and bespoke clearances when content is created and broadcast in the same evening or weekend and we remain available for on-site work for live and almost live clearances. But now, we’re expanding this to a more wide-ranging, flexible and affordable service. It has been designed to help agencies when they need feedback or clearance to help them meet deadlines and make quicker progress in pre or post-production. No doubt there are many reasons a service like this would be handy, so if you want to use the service or if you have any questions then please contact Seb Lynch here.


Watch Seb explain the service in his own words, here.


The only condition is that you need to let Seb know by 3pm on the day or on Friday if the work is over the weekend. The service is available from 6pm on weekdays and all weekend.


It’s important to say that you won’t be able to contact Seb or anyone at Clearcast outside of working hours unless the work has been prearranged by 3pm and that way staff will be on standby.


“We found the Out Of Hours service to be extremely useful. The process is very quick to arrange, easy to use and extremely convenient for fast turnarounds. The team did a great job in getting feedback over to us very quickly within our allotted time .”Who Wot Why


Contact Seb Lynch by email for a quote or give him a call on 02073394771.

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