Long Form Teleshopping Ads

Just like all other ads, teleshopping ads must be cleared before broadcast. But because teleshopping ads tend to be a little different, we offer a specialist teleshopping clearance service. This allows us to provide comments and advice specific to this particular kind of advertising.


Our teleshopping experts can provide script advice and guidance on content, claims and more. And that means you’ll find our teleshopping clearance service enables you to get your ads on air smoothly.


We’re happy to provide early approval to teleshopping scripts, so you can be confident your ad meets the rules before you start filming. Once your ad is filmed and ready, you can submit it as usual and our team will provide clearance as quickly as they can.


We charge for teleshopping clearances. This is because they take longer to clear, typically requiring a lot more work than standard TV ads. Additionally, teleshopping ads often don’t air on our shareholders’ channels.


Please visit the Teleshopping page on our Knowledge Base for further information regarding costs, how to submit a teleshopping ad and to view a really useful guide we’ve put together.

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