On-Set Guidance

Clearcast can attend your shoot to provide guidance and peace of mind. For example if there is a last minute change to an approved script, improvisation, or because you know that approval of your ad relies on shooting it in a certain way.


In an ideal world the filming of all television ads would follow the exact wording of an approved pre-production script. Knowing copy has been accepted by Clearcast in advance gives agencies and advertisers confidence that their ad will air. But of course we don’t live in an ideal world. Very often a precise pre-production script cannot be written because elements of the ad will be created on the day of filming.


The aim of the Copy Development service is to save time, money and stress by getting advice and guidance early in the development process. Having on-set help has the same benefits and is an important service in helping Clearcast to fulfil its mission of helping get ads to air.


In instances like this all the content cannot be scripted and pre-approved by Clearcast, so it’s good to know that Clearcast is available to provide advice, guidance and peace of mind on set.


Clearance isn’t given at this stage, but clear guidance is, which gives the production team the opportunity to do additional takes if required and to create a compliant edit from a well-informed position.


For further info contact Copy Development Manager Seb Lynch on copydevelopment@clearcast.co.uk or call him on 020 7339 4771



“It was incredibly helpful having Seb’s guidance at each stage; during script development, on set and also whilst we were editing.” Kate, Business Director at Grey London


“He felt like a member of the team both at meetings and on set. The whole service definitely helped us get to strong solutions within a challenging time frame.” – Alex, Producer at Fabula


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