What’s new about Attribution?

Danny Turner, Business Affairs Manager

What is Attribution?

Our TV Attribution service underpins the analysis of TV advertising in the UK and facilitates a range of activities from media auditing, to lead generation, to share of voice analysis.

How does it work?

The service applies standardised naming conventions and codes for Product, Advertiser, Holding Company and Buying Agency to all BARB reported commercial copy.

BARB subscribers using the Attribution dataset can do analysis such as:

  • Break down commercial impacts for a Buying Agency by advertising sales house, to see what share they’re taking
  • As an advertiser, find out which competitor brands are currently on air
  • Find out which Buying Agency is buying spots on a competitor for a particular brand
  • The data also facilitates ‘spot matching’ – enabling Buying Agencies to link the booked schedule to actual spot transmissions for reconciliation and consolidated campaign reporting    

What’s new about Attribution?

In 2020 we’ve extended the data reported by the service to also include the Creative Agency name for each piece of copy, by linking Attribution to our CopyCentral system. This is an exciting extension for the service and is the first of several planned enhancements.

What else can it do?

We also provide Sponsorship Attribution data for ITV, Channel 4, and Sky Media.      

Who subscribes to the service?

Subscribers to the service include BARB data bureaux and research companies.

Who looks after the service?

The service has been managed by Clearcast and operated by Peach Media since 2007. For enquires please contact Danny Turner at Clearcast on

6th March 2020