Copy Clearance

We’re improving the ad clearance process

On January 4th we emailed all CopyCentral users about an upcoming change to the ad clearance process which will affect where you upload your final clocked ad and its associated metadata. This change will be managed by our new system The Library.

What’s The Library?

The Clearcast Library is a centralised collection of final clocked, broadcast-quality TV and VoD ads that feeds into The Clearcast CopyCentral system for final clearance. It’s a fully cloud-based platform that can be accessed across all devices and has been designed to make the process of getting ads to air simpler and faster. The Library also ensures that the ad cleared can be verified as the ad to be aired and keeps a record of all cleared ads for future reference.

How will it help me?

The Library brings lots of improvements to the clearance process. A few below:

  • Automation enhancements to existing technical checks, with immediate results
  • Dashboards to see all ads and their status in one place
  • Less admin because the file you normally use for delivery can be used for clearance
  • A reduction of data entry across systems
  • Improved supply chain

What do I have to do differently to get my ad cleared?

Not much! The upload process is almost identical to the existing process but allows you to use your existing broadcast ad for clearance rather than a bespoke Clearcast file format.  This is important for our shareholder broadcasters who want to ensure that the copy Clearcast approve is the copy that they put on air.  

How do I find out more?

In early March we’re running a webinar event to give you a full introduction to The Library. We’ll talk about why we’ve created it, how it will make your life easier and how it works. We’ll run demos and answer questions, so feel free to send us any in advance and we’ll do our best to address them during the session. You’ll receive an invite to this event soon so keep an eye on your inbox. If you can’t attend, you can watch it on-demand afterwards.

Where do I sign up?

We’ll be in touch soon with details on which group your agency is in, T&Cs and the process of onboarding.

In the meantime, please contact with any questions. 

17th January 2022