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TV Admin for new agencies

Are you new to TV and so, probably new to Clearcast? Has your talented team managed to land a massive account? If so, well done! This is where our TV Admin team can help.

Getting your ad made, approved and sent to air can be a daunting task with lots of steps in place along the way, especially for small or young agencies. 

Instead of hiring extra hands along the way, just ask your Clearcast contact to put you in touch with Danny Turner (our TV Admin man) after you register with us. Danny can manage the whole clearance for you, or after your ad is approved, manage the delivery to stations and link everything up on CARIA so you don’t have to worry. We work very closely with the broadcasters – so letting us join up the process for you just makes sense. 

How can we help?

  • Manage your UK clearance 
  • Manage your international ad compliance 
  • Deliver your ad to the broadcasters to air on your chosen channels 
  • Send copy rotations to the broadcasters 
  • As members of the European Standards Alliance (EASA) we have a strong network of international contacts for advertising advice/clearance globally

Just pick up the phone or email us with any questions. Easy!

19th October 2020