The kids are alright

The first half of 2017 has been an action-packed one for the Clearcast Training programme. If you have attended and enjoyed one of our in-house tailor-made courses then thank you and we hope you learnt fast with Clearcast.


As well as our usual programme, Michael, the UK and International Training Manager, has been up and down the country delivering Clearcast wisdom. Most recently The City of Love saw him training at the ARPP (French self-regulator), comparing our markets and educating French advertisers and agency folk on UK compliance. The feedback was enormously positive even with the slight language barrier, clearly the code knows no bounds. If you want to read some more on Michael’s trip to Paris then do so here.


We consider Clearcast For Better, our corporate social responsibility programme, to be highly important and far-reaching! Incorporating our skill set from the training programme we have been focusing on inspiring the young. Michael has recently delivered some sessions outlining what we do here at Clearcast and having some fun showing example adverts and discussing them vigorously (as anyone will know who has attended a session) at secondary schools around North and East London.


The Arts & Media Students at Haverstock school in Camden welcomed a unique insight to TV advertising from Michael back in May and we even got a write up in their Spring 2017 newsletter! Most recently he delivered a session at Stormont House School in Hackney whose students have learning needs in various areas, from speech and language difficulties, to severe but high functioning Autism. The training lasted 90 minutes and was designed to give them a flavour of UK advertising to help them in their future careers.  The students were engaged and gave some intriguing insight that even Michael had never thought of, let alone any other past delegates! The learning staff commented on how involved everyone felt, with special props to the creative and entertaining visuals and example ads used.


As some of you may know (or may have seen) we have taken over the ground floor of our building which is now known as ‘The Joinery’. No, we are not offering late night carpentry workshops on the side unfortunately, we are simply celebrating the history of our building.


The Joinery will be the shiny new training venue for our in-house sessions. The space is nearly 3 times the size of our old venue with a stylish interior, a powerful sound system and a 90-inch screen so those legal supers are never missed! We look forward to seeing you there.


Check out dates and courses for the rest of 2017 here or keep an eye out for our next newsletter entry!



6th July 2017