Company updates

The Clearcast Library: Freeze Frame Requirements

As you know, The Clearcast Library launched this year and requires broadcaster master files for final clearance.

As it stands, there are varying file specs accepted for onward delivery by suppliers.

We’ve been listening to users of The Library who’ve told us that the complexity and cost of providing a different freeze frame duration file for final clearance and then for onward delivery, is impacting workflows and timelines.

We know that aligning on freeze frame requirements will allow for a more efficient workflow. So, after recent discussions with the other delivery suppliers, we’re pleased to announce that The Library will be accepting zero-second freeze frame in the near future.

We’ll be in contact with more information on timelines for when this change will occur within The Library shortly.

We hope this is a positive step forward and enables a more seamless process for you. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk or have a read of The Library FAQs.

31st October 2022