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The Clearcast Library – Autumn update

We first told you about The Clearcast Library back in January but lots has happened since then, so we wanted to offer a refresher on all things relating to The Library, including the benefits it brings to the clearance process, what’s changed, how you can get on board and when you should do so.

What is The Clearcast Library and how will it help you?

The Clearcast Library holds final clocked, broadcast-ready TV and VoD ads and then feeds those ads into our CopyCentral system for final clearance. The ad is fully QC’d for broadcast.

We’re talking automated workflows, guaranteed regulatory and technical compliance, enhanced data and real time dashboards.

Broadcast-ready videos are used for clearance, so the content cleared is always the content aired, saving you time down the line. With The Library you can upload an asset once and never have to touch it again.

To summarise the benefits to the clearance process

  1. A single upload
  2. Automated QC on broadcast ads, done in one place, with immediate results
  3. Less admin
  4. Centralised dashboards

What’s changed?

The fundamental structure of clearance hasn’t changed. CopyCentral is still the home of scripts and rough cuts but you’ll upload your broadcast-ready ads to The Library. Full technical QC is performed in The Library, the ad is then seamlessly transferred to CopyCentral for clearance.

When should you start using The Library?

As soon as you can; the closer we get to Christmas the busier we all get. We began migrating agencies in the Summer, have had a steady stream since then and at last count have 380 organisations on board.

Get onboard in 3 easy steps:

  1. Contact to tell us that you would like to onboard.
  2. We’ll send you some T&Cs. Please read through these carefully and ‘accept’ to proceed. These will also be available within your Library profile, should you need to refer back to them. Once your profile is active – you will have full access to create and upload your content for clearance straight away.
  3. Watch our demo of how to submit your final TVCs to The Library.

Need your ad delivered and subtitled too?

Optional Delivery will be triggered once your ad passes our automatic QC checks in The Library, usually within 6 minutes. If you select us to do your delivery, we can support your subtitles too.

20th October 2022