New rules to target cosmetic intervention ads aimed at under -18s

The Committee of Advertising Practice, author of the Advertising Codes, has announced new rules banning ads for cosmetic interventions from targeting under-18s.

The headlines are:

  • Under these new rules, from 25 May 2022, companies are banned from advertising cosmetic interventions to under-18s
  • Ads won’t be allowed around broadcast programmes likely to appeal particularly to under-18s, or non-broadcast media directly aimed at under-18s or have a large proportion of under-18s in the audience
  • The changes were confirmed after a public consultation on proposals to introduce targeting restrictions for cosmetic intervention ads – with a focus on body image pressures, mental health, and the risks of the procedures advertised

The new rules are:

New CAP Code rule:

12.25 Marketing communications for cosmetic interventions must not be directed at those aged below 18 years through the selection of media or context in which they appear.

New BCAP Code rule:

32.2 These may not be advertised in or adjacent to programmes commissioned for, principally directed at or likely to appeal particularly to audiences below the age of 18.

What does this mean for your cosmetic intervention TV and VOD ads?

From 25 May 2022, cosmetic intervention ads won’t be allowed in or around TV or radio programmes commissioned for or directed at or likely to appeal particularly to audiences under the age of 18.

In practice, this means when you submit your ad to us, we’ll let you know that we’ll apply a restriction to your ad, so broadcasters are aware and know not to air your ad in between programmes that might appeal to under-18s.

You can read CAP’s statement here.

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26th November 2021