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Introducing: Clearance in The Library

One clearance system, one login, one process – all on the go

This year the clearance process will be combined into one system, The Clearcast Library.

With plenty of work behind the scenes and tech advances, we’re able to offer a complete, future-proofed, end-to-end process to get your ads cleared in The Library. The development will bring significant benefits to the industry and increase the efficiency of the clearance process.

This is not a new system, it’s an expansion of the current Library system’s functionality.

CopyCentral has been a dependable clearance system and has allowed us to serve the industry well for 10 years, but to improve and progress the clearance process, it’s time to make this move.

Why are we making this change?

We’ve listened to the industry’s needs through surveys that have shown us users want to see improvements in areas like mobile-friendly clearance, the use of one system, and linking campaigns from script to final TVC. We’re excited to be able to deliver these enhancements.

The industry has already moved over to The Library for final TVCs so we’ve been able to see it in action and are confident with its performance. With most of the industry already signed up to use The Library, we’re ready to build on its success by combining all stages of clearance into it, creating a more efficient process.

When will this happen?

We’ll provide regular updates, but we aim to have everyone trained and ready to go by the Summer of 2024. We’ll make sure to give plenty of notice before we switch all stages of clearance over to The Library and turn off CopyCentral.

To help you prepare, we’ve made a short video of what the upcoming process will look like. For now, please continue with the existing process until this one is in place, in the Summer of 2024. 

If you don’t have a Library account you can register here to save time down the line.

Our FAQs below should answer any questions you have, but if not, just get in touch.

7th February 2024