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Get the best out of Fast Track

It’s been over three years since we launched our Fast Track Service with Matthew Stevens (Fast Track Manager) at the wheel. Today the team is a three-person operation with David Garden and more recently, Louise Glover, joining the fold, dishing out super speedy feedback.

The team usually speaks to agencies and advertisers when deadlines are tight, so, as you can imagine, the pressure is on. Fast Track is designed to help speed up the clearance process by guaranteeing you feedback on your script or video within 24 hours, instead of our standard service which is three days for scripts and two days for films.

We know it’s a super busy time and you’re in the depths of planning and creating your campaigns. So, here are some helpful pointers and answers to commonly asked questions to make sure you get the best out of the service.

How do I submit my script or video for Fast Track?

When creating a submission on CopyCentral you can either select ‘Fast Track script’ or ‘Fast Track video’ and the submission will automatically appear in the Fast Track team’s inbox. Or get in contact directly with them here.

Top tip: Make sure to mention if any of the claims in your ad have been approved before, e.g., on previous ads handled by your regular contact – it will help speed up the feedback you get from the Fast Track team.

If I submit my script for Fast Track, do I have to pay extra for the video?

No, if you submit your script for Fast Track then the team will feedback on your video submission too, with no additional charge. But make sure you select Fast Track when uploading that video submission!

If I start the script clearance process using the standard service with my usual contact, can I decide to Fast Track it down the line?

If you’ve started your script clearance using the standard service and have had detailed clearance discussions with your usual contact already, you might not be able to fast-track it at this stage. It will depend on how much work has already been done and what discussions have been had. Get in contact directly with them here to ask for your script to be assessed.

I’m not sure if my script is suitable for Fast Track, can I check first, before committing?

Yes you can, we don’t charge for checking if submissions are suitable for Fast Track. If they’re not suitable, submissions are reassigned to your regular contact and you’re not charged.

What types of submissions aren’t suitable for Fast Track?

We wouldn’t accept a script that has lots of technical claims in it because this would most likely need to be sent to one of our specialist consultants, which takes longer to get feedback. Also, as we mentioned already, submissions that have been discussed at length over a period of time with your usual contact might not be suitable either. This is because there are usually too many notes already on the submission for the team to be able to get up to speed quickly enough on.

Happy Fast Tracking!

With some giant days for advertising fast approaching like Black Friday, The Word Cup, and Christmas, we hope we’ve brought you up to speed on how best to use and get the most out of the service. We know that speedy feedback can be useful at these busy times. Happy Fast Tracking!

If you have any questions about Fast Track or this blog in general, please contact us here.

12th October 2022