Copy Clearance

Duplication of clocks may incur a fee

Clearcast continuously works to streamline its procedures, so the clearance process is as smooth and efficient as it can be. In recent years, we have improved our service levels and we successfully meet those for the 85% of script submissions. However, sometimes there are kinks that can disrupt the operation such as processing duplicate edits, which we charge for. Although this is not a new measure we thought a reminder outline of the specifics would be helpful. 

Amending and resubmitting ads requires us to duplicate compliance procedures. Submissions need to be processed and checked by our ingest team for flashing, supers and claims. Copy Clearance staff also need to ensure compliance against script submissions and previous ads for approval.

We are committed to turnaround times and when ads are resubmitted with cosmetic changes, our workload increases and can slow down the normal service we provide. Even if a change is very small, Clearcast must go through the same compliance process to check that newly submitted ads comply in full.

We reserve the right to charge for duplication of edits. Duplicating submissions may incur a fee of £250 (ex VAT) for each additional clock.

The charge is for duplicate clocks and additional clocks with only cosmetic amendments. These are changes that neither us nor broadcasters require and that are not materially significant.

The following highlights examples of the type of changes likely to be charged for. This is not an exhaustive list:

1. Changes to the grading of an ad
2. A change of VO artist (unless forced for contractual reasons)
3. Changes to the audio in an ad e.g. volume adjustment

Below are examples of material changes unlikely to be charged for:

1.Changes to claims in the ad or pricing
2.Changing soundtrack or music
3.Removal of the word “new”
4.Changes in offer dates
5.Where logos are updated with a date or rating
6.Resubmitting an ad from a different agency

Ideally, we do not want to charge anyone for resubmitting clocks, so we hope this has been a useful prompt going forward. If you are in any doubt please contact our Operations Manager, Mark Hynes, before resubmitting.

11th May 2020