Ad accessibility

A small change in The Library 

We spoke a lot about accessible TV advertising in 2023 and so did the industry.

Today we want to update you on a small, but hopefully, significant change we’re making in The Clearcast Library, due to go live today (02.01.2024).

The Change

Currently in The Library, when you are asked if you intend to subtitle your ad or not, the default is set to ‘off ’, meaning you don’t intend to add them. From now on, the default will be set to ‘on’, and if you don’t intend to subtitle your ad, you’ll just need to just turn it to ‘off’.

We’ve spoken to industry bodies like ISBA, IPA, and representatives from agencies and advertisers, who support this update. 

This change will hopefully increase awareness of the need for subtitles and bring the topic of accessibility to the forefront of the industry’s mind. 

It also allows us to report on the number of ads intended to be subtitled so that we can feed these figures back to the industry to help drive change and report on rising levels.

If you have any questions on this, please contact us.

2nd January 2024