Copy Clearance

A change to the ad clearance process

At Clearcast we like to tell you nice and early if your day-to-day dealings with us are set to change. So here’s some prior notice of a change to our ad clearance process that will be rolled out in the first half of this year.

The change will affect where you upload your final clocked ad and its related metadata. This will be managed by our new system, The Clearcast Library.

The fundamental structure of ad clearance isn’t changing. CopyCentral will continue to be the home of copy clearance but you’ll upload your broadcast-ready clocked ads to The Library. 

The Library offers benefits to the clearance process, including enhancements to existing technical compliance and we’ll be outlining these along with T&Cs and your onboarding timeline soon.

In the meantime, please contact with any questions. 

Below are the answers to some recent questions from you:

Will this affect the existing clearance process and if so, how?

The existing clearance process will remain broadly the same. Although all clocked ads will need to be uploaded to The Library, a clocked version will also automatically be generated in our existing CopyCentral system and will be cleared in the normal way.  

How do I use the system?

It’s simple, but we will be inviting you to an online demo which will be available afterwards. We will also offer a written guide which will include instructions for logging in.

When can I start using The Library?

We will launch The Library in the next few months but you will receive plenty more information before then about how to register and submit your ads.

4th January 2022