We get involved in our local community by volunteering our time at the Whitechapel Mission.

The Whitechapel Mission has been serving the homeless and marginalised for over 130 years, seeing as many as 300 people a day who are looking for help.

Our staff have volunteered their time by helping with The Breakfast Challenge, prepping, cooking and serving up to 300 breakfasts and distributing much needed items like toiletries and clothes.

Mountains of clothes are donated to the Mission and our team has helped clean, sort, measure and label them ready for redistribution.

The help we offered at the Mission was popular and so rewarding. We hope to continue working with local charities and are always looking for new volunteering opportunities.

Humanitarian Causes

We’re acutely aware of current humanitarian crises and we’ve been involved in donation drives with UCL School of Sovanic and Eastern European Studies during the crisis in the Ukraine. Collection boxes full of medical supplies, non-perishable foods, toiletries and other essentials have been sent over to the humanitarian centre in Lviv.

Laptop Donations

With technology constantly evolving, we’re always striving to be more sustainable, ensuring that old equipment can either be recycled or reused for a good cause. During the pandemic, we donated laptops to vulnerable students in Camden who were struggling with gaining access to online learning whilst at home.

In partnership with Computers for Charities, this year we’re donating our old company laptops to communities who need them the most.

23rd May 2022