We’ve been a member of the Camden Climate Change Alliance for a few years now working with them and other businesses in the local community to improve sustainability in the borough. We report our energy consumption annually and in 2021 were awarded a Level 1 Going Green Certification.

This year we also joined the CCCA’s Camden Climate Pledge in a bid to make Camden net zero carbon by 2030, you can read more about the pledge here.

Over the years we’ve developed several environmentally conscious and responsible approaches to our business like moving to First Mile (a zero-to-landfill waste management company) and recycling everything from paper to printer cartridges and electronic equipment.

We’re also an active bunch, with around a third of employees cycling to work.

Since returning to some office normality in 2022, we’ve been looking at how we can improve day-to-day operations. We recently introduced a new recycling system across the office including soft plastic and crisp packet collection to encourage staff to rethink how they are disposing of their lunchtime meal deals!

23rd May 2022