Environmental Training Event

Get the green light for your green claims. This special half-day event is invaluable for anyone who wants to ensure they can navigate the green/environmental topic successfully.

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  • Key clearance processes with FAQ’s & best practice advice;
  • Greenwashing – analysing claim types, responsibility & misleading advertising;
  • Impact of ASA rulings & considerations including Expert Consultant involvement;
  • The Expert Consultants’ role in advising Clearcast on Claim Support;
  • Green rules from BCAP Code w/ need to know points for Advertisers/ Agencies;
  • CMA (new regulatory updates): what’s changed and why it is important;
  • Expert Consultant insight in avoiding common mistakes (validation and measurement);
  • Explanation of the scope of emissions, link to air pollution/ quality, becoming carbon neutral, reductions/ successful offsetting and achieving net zero;
  • De-mystifying the most common Green claims we consider, for example: sustainability, eco-friendly, less plastic, greenhouse gases, classification of textile fibres and more;
  • Q&A session