We're combining all stages of the clearance process into The Library this summer.

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Delivery is two

Let’s celebrate delivery in numbers
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What We Do

We do more than clear ads

Over the years we’ve evolved and diversified what we offer the industry. We’re always looking for ways to make it easier to get great advertising on air. We have a range of premium services that provide support to agencies, advertisers, and broadcasters from TV admin to training and delivery, that enable successful advertising on TV and VOD.

About Clearance

To get your ad on air in the UK it needs to be cleared by us first, follow our three-stage process to get your ad over the line

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Premium Clearance Services

Every ad is unique. Are you tight on time? Complex claims? Our clearance support services are here to help

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Premium Delivery Services

We offer an optional delivery and subtitling service

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Our Tools

A selection of helpful clearance tools like our online flash test and supers calculator

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Book Training

We offer a range of training courses to help get great ads on air and keep them there

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