Verifying Claims

You can’t go just saying anything in an ad. If you make claims about products or services, the BCAP Code contains detailed rules about what you can and can’t say.


Our claims verification service helps you create claims that resonate with your target audience and work within the rules.


Claims made in TV ads legally require substantiation. We’ll ask you to include evidence for your claims when you submit an ad for approval. If necessary, we’ll send these on to one of our expert consultants.


We also run meet the consultant sessions where you sit down with an expert consultant to review your ad script and substantiation.


Meet a consultant


If you get us involved early in the ad development process, our copy development service can check your claims before they get incorporated into an ad. It could save you time and money later.


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With a network of trusted, expert consultants available to provide advice, we can assess all sorts of technical and non-technical claims. Just try us.


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