Late Clearance

Sometimes you need to get an ad cleared for broadcast in a hurry. Maybe you’re releasing an ad in response to current affairs, advertising time-sensitive products — or simply had to make some last-minute edits.


Under our standard clearance service, it typically takes a couple of days to clear a clocked, finished ad for broadcast when we’ve already approved a pre-production script. But if you need your ad to be ready sooner — and we’ve previously approved your script and rough cut — you may be able to get a late clearance, which we will need to charge you for.


If you tell us your finished ad needs turning around quickly and get it to us by 5pm, we may be able to clear it so it can be broadcast that evening (If it’s going right down to the wire at your end, sometimes we can be even more flexible).


Just remember: if you need a late clearance, always let your Clearcast contact know as early as you can and always include the reference numbers of the pre-production script and rough cut we’ve approved. That way we can be sure everything’s ready for a fast turnaround.
For more detail about what’s eligible for a late clearance and a break down of cost, visit our knowledge base.

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