The Clearcast Newsletter Autumn 2016

21st September 2016
Twice a year the team at Clearcast put together a newsletter chock-full of great articles.  As ever, this issue features a mixture of handy copy advice, important regulatory updates and behind the scenes shenanigans. Whether you’re new to Clearcast and wondering what’s shaking, or a seasoned pro looking to stay on top of your game there’ll be something in there for you. Download it now by clicking the link below, or read on for more info.


Clearcast Newsletter Autumn 2016

Articles include:


Feedback from the agency survey

We asked the industry to let us know how we’re doing. Our MD takes a look at the results, what they mean and what happens next.


Clearcast and the ASA

Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the ASA, muses on the difference between us and the regulator.


Swearing in ads
Swearword play has proved a popular and controversial addition to ads over the last few years. But what about swearing in film trailers? Find out how we decide which words are okay and which are no way.


Clearance Bootcamp

We deal with all kinds of submissions – what happens if you have a VoD only ad, pitch or teleshopping submission?


The Vape Update

The rules for E-Cigarettes have changed again this year. Do you know which products can and can’t advertise on TV?


5 minutes with…

Cosmetics consultant Dr Jack Ferguson.


Dear Jackie
Can film trailers get away with murder? Our agony aunt tells all!


And many more!

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