Masterclass: Offence & Restrictions

How do you decide what might cause offence?

Which timing restriction might my ad trigger?

Building on the knowledge you’ve learned in your Level 1 Agency / Advertiser or Broadcaster session, delve deeper into this vital area and understand how to navigate the nuances of restrictions when considering harm & offence.

“I absolutely loved the course! The course definitely helps when discussing clearances to clients and flagging any contentious issues to make clearance smoother.” 

Sophie, Traffic Bureau, February 2021

The comprehensive live webinar provides a detailed insight into Section 4 of the BCAP code: ‘Harm and Offence.’ Gain expert knowledge of this code rule, as well as the timing and scheduling restrictions that could be applied to your ad as a result. Understand the likely triggers of these restrictions and get involved in the discussions around carefully chosen case studies in order to apply your knowledge of how restrictions could be applied.

A must-have for all Broadcasters, Advertisers and Agencies involved in TV Campaigns. Please see below for the full syllabus breakdown.

The fun and informative 90-minute masterclass includes plenty of opportunities to ask questions, as well as interactive polls to get involved in!

Cost: £199 (or £299 if booked together with Masterclass: Claims & Substantiation as part of the Masterclass Combo) plus VAT

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