Press Release – Clearcast launches an online portal for the ad industry

03rd August 2017

Clearcast Business Affairs department launches MediaCentral, an online portal for the video ad industry.


The Business Affairs department at Clearcast, the company best known for clearing TV ads for broadcast in the UK, has used its far-reaching industry knowledge and contacts to develop an invaluable online portal for advertisers and agencies who need help navigating the world of video ads.


The site is a task-based portal that impartially (and without charge to users or featured companies) connects agencies and advertisers to hundreds of 3rd party websites.


From MediaCentral users can quickly find companies ready to help with a range of challenges faced when making an ad, such as where to book air time, how to get a soundtrack for an ad, how to get an ad on air in another country and how to get a child licence.


Business Affairs Manager at Clearcast, Danny Turner  says, “I’m often asked about the best processes for getting ads to air both locally and overseas. There’s never one straight answer because the processes differ so much between countries. I’ve always thought a central place for listings of companies, services, codes and tools would really help people navigate the sometimes confusing world of video advertising and now we have it on MediaCentral. I’m thrilled that our Business Affairs department has been able to provide the industry with this valuable resource.”


MediaCentral can be found at


About Clearcast

Ad agencies, advertisers and broadcasters use Clearcast services to conceptualise, develop, produce and broadcast great adverts. Although best known for clearing ads for UK commercial channels, Clearcast works with clients throughout the ad development process and offer a range of other services to the industry like training in advertising rules, advice on pitch and research scripts, technical services, international clearance advice and a Business Affairs service.


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