16th April 2020


Clearcast, the company responsible for clearing ads before they are broadcast in the UK, will continue its award-winning training via webinar.

Clearcast has been providing training to advertisers and agencies for over a decade, sharing their expertise of the ever evolving and rapidly changing world of copy clearance to get ads on air and keep them there. Until this difficult time has passed, the doors are closed to their in-person training. To continue to provide their award-winning service while the industry works from home, they have launched interactive live webinars, inspired by their popular in-person courses.

Michael Haydon, UK & International Training Manager says, ‘I am passionate about continuing to provide this training, explaining all the recent/important changes, watch-outs, hot topics, tips and best practice advice to ensure smooth approvals.’  

By integrating expert speakers, quizzes and plenty of Q&A, Michael is finding innovative ways to keep the course interactive and engaging. They are also planning an event later in the year where all attendees can visit the Clearcast offices, meet the team, network and ‘graduate’ by receiving their certificate.

Book and check out the full Agency syllabus here & Advertiser syllabus here.

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