Clearcast introduces a Fast Track service

10th June 2019


The company responsible for clearing ads before they are broadcast in the UK now offers a Fast Track service, enabling advertising agencies to receive feedback on an ad submission within a day.

Agency surveys show that satisfaction levels for Clearcast’s core service is high but there is demand for a faster service when deadlines are very short. In response, Clearcast has set up a Fast Track service, which guarantees agencies feedback on an ad script or video submission within one working day, for a fee.

Recently appointed Fast Track Manager Matthew Stevens, who was clearing ads for almost 8 years at Clearcast before taking the role says:

“This is a really exciting opportunity for Clearcast to develop the services it provides to advertisers, agencies, and broadcasters. I know how keen everyone is to get work approved as quickly and smoothly as possible, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of shaping our new process to enable this.”

Enquiries about the service should be made via or 020 7339 4777.

Alternatively visit or search ‘Fast Track’ on for further info.

About Clearcast

Ad agencies, advertisers and broadcasters use Clearcast services to conceptualise, develop, produce and broadcast great adverts. Although best known for clearing ads for UK commercial channels, Clearcast works with clients throughout the ad development process and offer a range of other services to the industry like training in advertising rules, advice on pitch and research scripts, on-set guidance, technical services, international clearance advice and a TV Admin service.

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