24th June 2021


The UK advertising clearance body Clearcast partners with Ad Signal, an AdTech SaaS company, on an innovative industry-wide project. The project will deliver agencies, advertisers and broadcasters increased efficiencies in the clearance process plus offer additional supply chain opportunities.

Following an extensive search of potential suppliers and several rounds of pitches, Clearcast has awarded the contract to Ad Signal and is looking forward to working closely with them on the project.  

Sam Smith, Managing Director of Clearcast says, “After a highly competitive tender we’re very pleased to be working with Ad Signal on this cutting-edge project. We look forward to sharing more information with the industry later this year.”

The development is still in the early stages but progressing well. Clearcast and Ad Signal look forward to sharing more information on the project towards the end of 2021.

Tom Dunning, CEO and Founder of Ad Signal says, “We are delighted to work with Clearcast on this innovative project at the centre of the UK commercial broadcast network. Our experience and SaaS products focused on the AdTech and broadcast industries make us uniquely placed to help Clearcast create something excellent.”

You can see Ad Signal’s corresponding press release here.

To ensure the smooth rollout of the project, Clearcast will engage with the industry as the project progresses.

Clearcast aim to launch the new system fully in the first half of 2022.

About Clearcast:

Ad agencies, advertisers and broadcasters use Clearcast services to conceptualise, develop, produce and broadcast great adverts. Although best known for clearing adverts for UK commercial channels, Clearcast works with clients throughout the advert development process and offer a range of other services to the industry like training in advertising rules, advice on pitch and research scripts, technical services and international clearance advice.

Clearcast also commissions the CARIA campaign management system and runs an Attribution service that underpins the analysis of TV advertising in the UK.

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About Ad Signal:

Ad Signal offers SaaS and bespoke development services to the advertising and broadcast industries.

Their Assure product provides third-party playout verification, tracking linear TV adverts in real-time. Assure offers 99.99% accuracy, even with the most subtle of differences between adverts in a campaign.

They also have a range of products under development, all tailored to industry needs and offer a bespoke service too.

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