Our People

When we’re recruiting new people, well-qualified candidates tend to have traits that are somewhat unusual.


We look for people who have what the IPA call ‘diagonal thinking’. This is the ability to think in two complementary ways: logically and creatively. Or to put it another way, rationally and laterally.


Our people are minesweepers, identifying issues that could derail your advertising campaign. But they’re also navigators, helping you steer round issues altogether.


We live and breathe ads at every level of the business. And that’s because advertising is our business. Watching up to 150 ads a day means there are few who know more about the industry than we do.


If you’d like to get in touch with any of us, our email addresses are firstname.surname@clearcast.co.uk or go to the Contact Us page of this site.


If you need to find out who your Clearcast contact is, use the “Find your Copy Clearance Exec” tool  on our Contact Us page.



In a typical year, we clear more than 65,000 ads for broadcast. That’s quite a workload for our copy clearance staff.


To make sure we provide the high-quality service and fast turnaround you need, our copy clearance staff are organised into six teams. Each has four people: a copy group manager, a senior copy group executive, and two copy group executives. We’ve found that having small teams means we can respond faster.


As well as the six core teams, there’s a cover team that do the work of staff members who  are away. We also have a teleshopping and long-form team, because those areas require specialist knowledge.


Of our 54 staff members, 31 are involved in clearing adverts. The rest stay busy, too! They take care of our premium services and training programme. They manage our IT and keep our operations department running smoothly. They form our leadership team, look after communications, monitor our finances and take care of our busy switchboard.


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