It’s Training Season

01st September 2021

We’re excited to announce our Autumn Training Calendar. Book your places now on the Agency/Advertiser or Broadcaster courses, and further your knowledge on the Advanced course.

Reserve your place early to join a limited in-person session, or join an ever-popular online webinar to fit conveniently into your day. Gain a digital, CPD-certified, IPA recognised, Clearcast Certificate upon course completion.


Find out how to get your ads to air. From why we exist and the clearance process, to BCAP code rules and claim support.

“Very informative. It has definitely simplified the entire process for me & given me confidence that I know exactly what to do and look out for.”

Ryan, Sea Salt, July 2021

Webinar 15th & 16th Sep,

Webinar 29th & 30th Sep,

In Person 20th Oct,

Webinar 3rd & 4th Nov,

Webinar 24th & 25th.


Gain the need-to-know knowledge in order to work with us to get ads to air. For both shareholder and non-shareholder Broadcasters.

“Interesting and useful. [The best part was learning the] processes the ad goes through, as this directly affects my line of work.”

Katharina, Sky, April 2021

In Person 6th Oct.


Explore the most contentious areas and their rules, including alcohol, motoring, food, gambling, privacy and political advertising.

“I have come away with a much stronger understanding of various key issues which as a result has made me much more confident in my role.”

Jordan, Brawl, May 2021

Webinar 17th & 18th Nov.

Are you wondering ‘where are the Masterclasses I’ve heard so much about?!’ Well, although we don’t have any dates in the diary for Masterclass: Claims & Substantiation or Masterclass: Offence & Restrictions at the moment, get in touch with us at the address below to register your interest, and we may just add a date for you.