Improvements to CopyCentral

02nd October 2018

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a number of changes to our online submissions system, CopyCentral, as part of our programme of improvements.


Whilst most features have been targeted internally to help us provide quicker clearances, there are a few new features that will benefit you too:



Within the feedback tab of a submission, Agency and Clearcast users will be able to paste any clock number or CopyCentral submission number, which will create a clickable link directly to that clock/submission. This provides agencies with a quick way to refer to another submission e.g. a previously approved clock or script etc.

Note: When clicking a link, for security reasons, agencies will only be able to access relevant TVC submissions. Some links may be to script submissions and you will receive an “Oops – Page not found” error message when clicking on these.



During the clearance process it’s sometimes necessary for a member of the team to speak to you in person, often because there is an issue and we want to speed things along for you. Within CopyCentral you have a user profile which includes contact details.

So that we know who you are and how to get in touch, in addition to your name, your address (including postcode) and phone number are mandatory fields. If any of these fields are blank when you log-in, CopyCentral will now automatically redirect you to your profile page where you can enter correct details. It is important that these details are correct and up to date and this is required by the user terms and conditions to which you have agreed.

You can get to your user profile page at any time in CopyCentral by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner. The T&Cs can be accessed from here by clicking the highlighted “Terms & Conditions” link in the Compliance section of your profile page.



You may have noticed when uploading a new version of a script, the description box retained what was entered last time you uploaded a version of this submission. This box will now be automatically cleared to avoid confusion.


SORTABLE COLUMNS ON WATCHLIST (broadcaster users only)

The watchlist can now be sorted by all columns. Click a column to apply the sort, click again to reverse the sort.


FACILITATE  ‘ADD TO WATCHLIST’ (broadcaster users only)

On the search page, if you search for a clock number and it’s not present in the database, you can now click on an “Add to Watchlist” button to add this number to the watchlist, without having to change view and re-enter the same clock number.




We regularly receive feedback from users, which we evaluate and feed into this improvement programme. So if you have an idea for a new feature or an idea of how something could be improved we’d love to hear from you. Please drop it in an email to our support team at


As ever our support team are on hand to help if you have any problems or questions and we also have lots of information on our help portal at