2021 Christmas Copy Deadlines

16th September 2021

It is officially 100 days until Christmas! We now have the copy instruction, delivery and approval timetable which has been agreed by Channel 4, ITV, Sky and WarnerMedia for the 2021 Christmas and New Year period. See below the copy deadlines for both Linear and VOD campaigns.

For VoD campaigns running between 23rd Dec 2021 – 5th Jan 2022, all copy, rotations, tracking tags & copy changes need to be received by EOP 14th December 2021.

Deadlines for Linear campaigns:

 Linear AirdateInstructions BeforeDelivery BeforeApproval Before
 Wed 8th Dec3rd Dec3rd Dec3rd Dec 
 Thu 9th Dec6th Dec6th Dec6th Dec 
 Fri 10th Dec6th Dec 6th Dec 6th Dec  
 Sat 11th Dec7th Dec7th Dec 7th Dec  
 Sun 12th Dec7th Dec 7th Dec 7th Dec  
 Mon 13th Dec8th Dec8th Dec 8th Dec  
 Tue 14th Dec8th Dec8th Dec 8th Dec  
 Wed 15th Dec9th Dec9th Dec 9th Dec  
Thu 16th Dec9th Dec 9th Dec 9th Dec
Fri 17th Dec10th Dec10th Dec 10th Dec
Sat 18th Dec10th Dec 10th Dec 10th Dec
Sun 19th Dec13th Dec13th Dec 13th Dec
Mon 20th Dec13th Dec13th Dec 13th Dec
Tue 21st Dec14th Dec14th Dec 14th Dec
Wed 22nd Dec14th Dec 14th Dec 14th Dec
Thu 23rd Dec15th Dec15th Dec 15th Dec
Fri 24th Dec*15th Dec 15th Dec 15th Dec
Sat 25th Dec16th Dec16th Dec 16th Dec
Sun 26th Dec16th Dec 16th Dec 16th Dec
Mon 27th Dec**17th Dec17th Dec 17th Dec
Tue 28th Dec**17th Dec 17th Dec 17th Dec
Wed 29th Dec17th Dec17th Dec 17th Dec
Thu 30th Dec20th Dec 20th Dec 20th Dec
Fri 31st Dec20th Dec 20th Dec 20th Dec
Sat 1st Jan21st Dec21st Dec 21st Dec
Sun 2nd Jan21st Dec 21st Dec 21st Dec
Mon 3rd Jan**21st Dec 21st Dec 21st Dec
Tue 4th Jan21st Dec 21st Dec 21st Dec

*   Clearcast closed

** Bank Holiday

Normal Delivery

Linear copy Instructions should be supplied at least 2 clear working days before transmission.

Linear copy should be delivered at least 2 clear working day before transmission to avoid a late delivery surcharge.


To comply with these deadlines please ensure additional time is factored in for Clearcast approval.

Approval should be before or by the delivery date, please be aware that two clear working days are required for video approval and we always advise you to leave at least two weeks for full clearance.


Click here for Clearcast’s Christmas opening times and remember to also factor these into your clearance timeframes.

For questions about this, or anything else, please get in touch at enquiries@clearcast.co.uk.