We’ve recently sent our old laptops to Computers for Charities who donate them on our behalf to local charities.

We’ve been asking staff for donations like toilettes, nappies, first aid kits and tinned food to support the crisis in Ukraine. The first load was shipped to Lviv, Ukraine in April thanks to UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies and we hope to send more this month.

Whilst we were working from home throughout the pandemic, our regular fruit supplier, Fresh Fruit Daily, carried on delivering our weekly produce to deserving people around London. During the first few months, they delivered fruit to NHS staff at hospitals and then over the summer months, the packages went to local food banks and school pack lunches.

Our Senior Leadership Team purchased 12 new laptops to send to families who need them for home-schooling during the third lockdown. We’ve worked with Caris Camden Families through volunteering at local hostels previously so we thought this would be a great place to send them.

Vicki, one of our Copy Group Executives, joined Tidy Up Team Brighton to clear the East Sussex beaches of litter and has her own picker and everything!

23rd May 2022