The results of our Agency Survey

22nd September 2017

Chris Mundy, Managing Director


Earlier this year we invited all current users of CopyCentral to complete a survey on their experience of working with Clearcast. An impressive 522 gave us feedback, thank you for taking the time to do so.


Our last survey was in April 2016 and at that point we had seen a slight dip in results on previous surveys. We identified teething problems with CopyCentral, a larger than usual proportion of new staff working in Copy and a very high (early Easter) workload as being the main reasons for this. Coming out of that survey, we picked areas for improvement based directly on agency feedback as well as more generally reviewing our processes and improving reporting to the team. Fast forward to 2017 and we were keen to know the extent to which this focus had fed through to agency perceptions.


We knew from CopyCentral data that the team had delivered a step change in turnaround times, the single biggest driver of agency satisfaction with Clearcast. For example, one key KPI for us is turning around response within 4 days for 85% of script submissions; for the last couple of years we have successfully delivered at around this level. The changes we made to our processes last year have enabled us to push that to nearer 95%.


The survey shows that agencies have noticed this improvement; 70% of respondents said that turnaround times were excellent or good, a full 15% point increase on the 2016 score. Only 11% now feel that turnaround times are poor. Since the inception of Clearcast, the team has put a huge amount of work into turnaround times and this is recognised by agencies; the score has doubled since our first survey in 2009.


Understandably, some respondents want to see them faster still. However, although we’ve delivered a step change in turnaround times, it will be hard to make significant further advances. Our work is time consuming and we have no control over the number or timing of submissions we receive, nor the complexity of the claims. Our advice is, if you want to have a stress-free clearance: leave enough time for the clearance process, make sure claims can be supported and supply all the information that we are likely to need in the first submission to save time wasted going back and forth.


We knew that if agencies had noticed that improvement it would feed through to overall perceptions of Clearcast, and it certainly did! On the headline score of “how well do you think Clearcast serves agencies”, a record 80% now say very well or quite well (up from 67% last year). Over 50% of people that use them say that day to day experience of our Copy Clearance, New Business and Teleshopping teams is “very good” with over 80% rating them at least “good”.


Whilst the results tell us that satisfaction scores are at record levels across the board (and this is our seventh survey), we’ve identified areas from the feedback on which we want to focus. We want to:


  • continue to maintain turnaround times
  • see if there is anything further we can do to improve agency experience of Cover when the usual Copy Executive is away
  • make sure that our feedback is as clear as possible to reduce unnecessary additional dialogue with agencies
  • be recognised as being more solutions orientated than at present.


It’s clear that CopyCentral has bedded in and many agencies like it. CopyCentral gets better scores than our previous system for ease of use and for upload of commercials. However, it’s not yet seen as being as easy to check the status of submissions nor as reliable as the previous system. Over 70% of users are satisfied with the system on all measures. We’ve paused development of the system while we migrate it to the cloud and intend to resume development in 2018. We have noted the suggestions that survey respondents have made for system improvements.


Finally on the survey, it’s clear that the Notes of Guidance are valued by agencies. 70% of website users use them with over 75% of users finding them useful. We’ll continue to ensure they are updated and as useful and relevant as possible. If you’re not currently using them, take a look. They answer most of the questions that we get asked most often and can help you get your submission as ready for clearance as it can be prior to sending it to us.


Thanks again to the respondents of the survey, the whole team see the survey results and your comments are all read and discussed by the management team. Congratulations also to the Clearcast team, whose hard work over the last year has obviously been both noticed and valued by your colleagues at agencies.