Mothers of Clearcast

19th March 2020

By Cass Coakley, Senior Communications Executive

The tradition of Mother’s Day came about when a woman called Anna Jarvis started a campaign for an official holiday honouring mothers in 1905, following the death of her mother that year. The first major celebration of the holiday was in 1908 when Jarvis held a public memorial for her mother in her hometown of Grafton, West Virginia.

Years later, as the holiday became more commercialised and businesses profited from the celebration, Anna ended up campaigning for the removal of the holiday from the national calendar. She felt it contradicted and defeated the whole point of the day she had worked so hard to make official.

Here at Clearcast we see lots of TV adverts selling cards, flowers and gifts for Mother’s Day, so in order to ground us and bring us back to Anna’s sentiment, we are chatting to our resident mums about the ups and downs motherhood can bring. As a day originally meant for expressing love and gratitude to mothers and acknowledging their sacrifices, we are sharing open and honest views of motherhood. No frills or corner shop choccies here.

We have lots of mums, mothers, mummies at Clearcast and whatever name they go by you’ll know they’ve experienced the typical, and not so typical highs and lows of being a mother. We distracted them from clearing Mother’s Day copy and got down to the nitty-gritty. How many times can we say mother in one paragraph!? Anna would be proud.

Jennie, Senior Copy Group Executive- ‘Mum’ or ‘hey lady’ to William (2yrs)

‘The best parts of being a mum are the easy things to mention, watching someone learn new things and experience them for the first time, and seeing them navigate that. They love you unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s without judgement. The hard part is knowing there is always someone who will give you honest feedback, invited or not, at any time, more likely when you’re in a room full of people and at the top of their voice.’

Baljit, Operations Administrator– ‘Mum’ to Mohi (12yrs) and Reet (2yrs)

‘Being a mother is the most rewarding and the most frustrating experience…motherhood is a unique time in your life. You are on the threshold between being a child and a mother. You experience not just the birth of a baby, but your own rebirth as well – of your identity as a woman, rather than a girl. On a lighter note, I get to wear matchy-matchy outfits now I have a daughter!’

Nicola, Senior Copy Group Executive- Mummy’ to Luca (9yrs) and Teo (6yrs)

‘The best part of being a mum is loving two little ones more than yourself and having that love directed right back at you. Seeing them grow and develop is a great feeling, I love watching their personalities evolve as they get older. The worst part is all the backchat, the draining of any money and my body- since my pregnancies ravaged it!’

Happy Mother’s day to you all from Clearcast.