A day in the life of… Andrew Taylor

20th April 2016

Welcome back to our feature where you can find out more about the Clearcast team, as well as the people we deal with throughout the industry. Last time, resident fashionista Adam Amini gave us the low down on life at Clearcast, this time it’s… 



Andrew Taylor


Lead IT Administrator


Tell us a bit about your job:

I lead the IT team, we make sure everything from the point the internet enters our building to the time it gets to peoples fingertips works! Basically we look after the servers, network, computers, Wi-Fi, phones, backups, printers, keyboards, mice and everything in between. If it connects to the internet, we fix it. On top of that I’m constantly working on ways to make things work more efficiently by looking into new technologies and trying to integrate them into what we do.


Currently watching:

My wife and I are re-watching Heroes. After Heroes Reborn hit the screens I realised quite how much I’d forgotten about the first run. Other than that we’re big fans of The Big Bang Theory.


Currently listening to:

Techno, lots and lots of Techno… Found a site that had about 10GB of free EP’s so I’m currently working my way through from A – Z, so far it’s been about 2 weeks and I’m only at “L”! I like to do a bit of DJ’ing so finding a big chunk of music like this helps me avoid having to record all my vinyl for the time being; I’m weeding out the not so good tunes!


What’s your commute like?

I’ve got probably one of the furthest in the office; I come from Northamptonshire every day. I spend about an hour on the train and will walk from St. Pancras into work. I’ve found a great route that takes me through a few parks so it can be quite pleasant. The time on the train is either used to get some work done, study or occasionally get some DJ practice in (yeah, I’m that guy in the corner bigging it up, silently…).


It’s 10am on a typical day – what are you up to?

By 10am we’ve checked the backups, made sure all the urgent tickets are either done or scheduled to be done, and we’re on standby to make sure the morning meeting doesn’t have any technical issues. This can be anything from dead batteries in the mouse to “Hi Andy, errr, there’s nothing coming up on the screen.”


What’s your favourite part of your job?

All of it! I get to do pretty much anything someone in IT would get to do, except in most enterprise environments that would be limited to just one area such as network infrastructure or desktop support. At Clearcast if I see a problem at someone’s desk that relates to something on the firewall I can jump on it and get them running straight away without having to raise a ticket with ‘the network team’. Don’t get me wrong, having such responsibility isn’t easy and I get pulled in all directions but that’s just how I roll.


Do you lunch in or out? What’s on the menu today?

Either really, if I’ve got a lot on (like at the minute) I’ll nip up the road, get a sarnie and eat at my desk while turning things off and on again; if not I like to go out for a walk. I’ve been playing on a GPS based game for some time, after a 6 month break I started again recently. Daily I get my 10,000 steps a day in which really goes to show playing computer games isn’t always bad for your health!


How would you describe the culture at Clearcast?

It’s a friendly atmosphere to work in and I’ve never worked at a place with so many social events! Although I’m not directly involved in the copy aspect I get to over-hear a lot of strange one way conversations on the phone, I’ve never worked anywhere else where you’ll hear people discussing everything from toys to tampons!


What do you get up to when you’re not at Clearcast?

I have a wife and 2 kids so it’s generally things based around my family. We like to keep active so going for walks in the country or going swimming are favourites of ours. Last week we built a push kart which was fun and they’ve been playing with their cousins charging down hills on it… My boys are old enough now that we can play a bit of Xbox so we do a bit of that, surprising how good they are, I generally get thrashed!


Other than that I like to produce a bit of music, DJ and I’m currently flipping between coding apps and computer games.