Clearcast Training & – A Dynamic duo

20th February 2018

By Cass Coakley, Admin Assistant Clearcast Plus


The Idea

What better way to get to grips with the Clearcast clearance process than to create and clear an advert live at Clearcast HQ?


The Clearcast Training programme has recently had the pleasure of working with, a company who helps broadcasters, advertisers and brands transform video advertising campaigns by integrating live consumer and dynamic content such as tweets or betting odds. Their cloud-based ad rendering platform, Story, has allowed us to take advantage of their innovative technology and create a meaningful hands-on training exercise as part of our one day course programme.


The Task (30 mins)

Delegates, in teams, are tasked to add dynamic elements to a ready made (Clearcast approved) advert template. The client is The Clearcast Training Programme and the delegates are given a full brief on what the client wants and expects. The dynamic elements must follow the brief in being subjective or objective messages or claims. They should be in the form of a hashtag, images and a voiceover. The advert that best fulfils the brief is then created and rendered in minutes with the system before being shown at the end of the session.


The Point

Learning is reinforced through every stage of the task. By asking delegates to be creative in adding dynamic content to an existing template and then adding the limitations and restrictions of the BCAP code, they are forced to be mindful of their creative decisions to make their ad compliant. We hope that then in the real world they will consider these aspects and predict potential hurdles during the clearance process before submitting to Clearcast.


Once the winning ad has been chosen and created, attendees watch a walk-through demo of uploading the copy onto CopyCentral with our Operations expert Mark Hynes, who uses the winning ad as the mock submission. The submission then goes through the technical checks for superimposed text and flashing images as it would in the real world and can be approved and ready for broadcast (in this case broadcast on the training room TV!).


Featuring the task throughout the training day and keeping delegates informed on the submission’s progress aims to mirror the clearance process as realistically as possible. Besides all the learning outcomes and real-time elements, it’s simply lots of fun.


Delegates Thoughts

Speaking to some of our first ever winners of the ‘create an ad’ task, they gave some wonderful insights:


“The Create an Ad Task was a great interactive feature of the training course that allowed us to use our creative minds and use the knowledge we had learnt from the day to come up with an ad (the winning ad!). It was great to do this with new people and different businesses as we could bounce ideas and past experiences off one another. Great task, great day and great trainers!”


~ Bethany Dean, RB, Advertiser training September 2017



“It was a really fun and challenging exercise, with the time limits making it seem more real! We were able to work well as a team, using the knowledge that we’d gained throughout the very insightful training day with Clearcast.”


~ Kenny Dada, AMV BBDO, Agency Training – November 2017



#ZerotoTVhero campaign at the Advertiser Certificate, September 2017



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