Beyond Copy Clearance – 2019 highlights

05th December 2019

If you know Clearcast, you know that we’re here to work with ad agencies and advertisers to get ads to air and keep them there. The core part of this remit is clearing tv ads for broadcast on most UK channels (and in 2018 we considered more than 32,000 scripts and 61,200 films). By extension, we’ve worked hard developing other ad services that benefit the industry. Cue TV Admin, Copy Development, Training and Fast Track, which are just four of the other helpful services we offer. As we come to the end of another fantastic year for these services, we outline their highlights of 2019.

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TV Admin – Danny Turner

2019 has been a busy year for TV Admin. On the international front, we’ve managed more than 40 French ad clearances through the French self-regulator ARPP as well as many other international copy advice projects, something we’re in a unique position to do thanks to our EASA membership. In addition, our wide range of contacts across advertisers, agencies and broadcasters means that projects including delivery both home and abroad are being managed more smoothly than ever before.

“The process is very smooth and efficient, from getting the (French) copy advice to then final clearance and obtaining PUB IDs. Truly a weight off our shoulders and definitely worth every penny!” – Farah, Banana Split Productions

Copy Development – Seb Lynch

The On-set Guidance part of the service really took off in 2019 with work for Coral in South-Carolina with Alpha Century and Paddy Power’s “Save our shirt” campaign for VCCP, to name just two. I’m proud of the long list of ads I’ve advised on that were unlikely to get to air without my help, like the Marmite “Hypnosis” campaign for AMV BBDO and the KFC “What the Cluck?” campaign for Mother. And finally, partnering with Bodyform and AMV BBDO to get their crucial, taboo-busting Viva La Vulva campaign to air was a major highlight that I was then able to discuss on a panel called ‘Marketing the Unmarketable: Creating appropriate content for taboo products’ at The Festival of Marketing in October.

“Seb was extremely helpful the whole way through, and also understanding of the need to progress this subject. Without him, we definitely couldn’t have got such a momentous move forwards (period blood on TV!)” – Phoebe at AMV BBDO for Viva La Vulva

Training – Michael Haydon

My main highlight of 2019 has been significantly changing up the courses we offer. After all, if you stand still you get left behind! We’ve added tons of new content to our London courses, introduced new ones and increased our Training footprint by going on-the-road whenever possible. This year we’ve taken our CPD Courses to Belfast, New York and Manchester. It’s always fascinating listening to the attendee debates and picking up the nuances between region/country. We’re currently putting together an eclectic mix of courses for 2020 based in and out of London. So watch this space…or even better, follow our new Training Twitter account for upcoming course announcements and more.

“Great job! Truly superb presentation and exceptional delivery!” Michael, Consultant at Lee and Steel LLC (NYC Training June 2019)

Fast Track – Matthew Stevens

Clearcast launched Fast Track in 2019. Agencies now have the option when submitting a piece of work to us to Fast Track it for a fee. If they take up this option then they are guaranteed to receive feedback within 1 working day. Since the service began in June it has been a tremendous success with more than 100 agencies using it in the first five months of operation. So 2019 has been very challenging and rewarding for me, setting up an entirely new Clearcast service from scratch and seeing it thrive – long may it continue!

“Fast Track has been a great addition to Clearcast’s services. The turnaround of submissions within 24 hours has been beneficial where we’ve had tight deadlines. I would highly recommend it to others.” – Fraser at Hogarth London