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Ad Tech: Monterosa

28th June 2016

By Kristoffer Hammer, Head of Business Development, Clearcast Ltd




In my last post I talked about ways advertisers are trying to engage with viewers through social media and by stoking topical debate. Broadcasters too are leveraging the power of technology thanks to companies like Monterosa.


Monterosa has revived the memory of the King with its Lvis – an interaction platform that can easily be integrated with any digital platform. Anyone with a basic knowledge of digital media can curate the interaction with viewers for a show with a few clicks. Think Final Cut and you’ll know what I mean.


All broadcasters across Europe with rights to the Euros have been busy building platforms for viewers to interact with the footy. Monterosa has developed the Carlsberg Man of the Match and Goal of the Tournament. Viewers can cast their votes using social media, the sponsor’s website or UEFA’s app and website. Thanks to advancing tech it’s never been easier to vote.


Monterosa is the brainchild of Tom McDonald and is a true London start-up. From their offices in Farringdon, they are working with broadcasters globally, from projects like the Euros, to reality shows and competitions where viewer interaction is possible. Even our CTO, James Morgan-Yates, got really excited when invited for a demo.


You’ve probably tried one of their apps already without knowing it. Monterosa did the app for Channel 4’s Million Pound Drop, for example. And if you are fantasy player – you may have tried the Rugby7Stars already – the new World Rugby Seven Series live fantasy game?


Time to get on with something really important, I hear you say – cast your vote for the Euros Carlsberg Man of the Match!